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Susan Carollo
  • Certified Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) Teacher and Consultant

  • Certified Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Teacher and Practitioner

  • Certified Angelspeake Facilitator

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Reiki Master 

  • Body Ascension Breath Facilitator

  • Access Bars Practitioner

  • Advanced ARCH Healing Practitioner

My spiritual journey unconsciously began in 1995 when an Angelic Intervention saved my life.  I was a Sr. VP for an ad agency in NYC loving what I did, blessed with the child of my dreams and married to my Best Friend of 17 years.  We loved being parents and felt 3 more children would complete our party but the universe had different plans for me.


Following two years of disappointment, we met with an infertility specialist.  Routine tests found no physical reasons for our challenges so it must be my stress level.  My  “BIG JOB”, “long commute” and being a “working mother” were to blame and if I could “just relax”, I would get pregnant and stay pregnant.  We left the doctor’s office with the added stress of figuring out how to relax.


Evenings later, nodding off on the Long Island Railroad, after a 14 hour day, I was awakened by a voice in my head.  I heard over and over, “you need laparoscopic surgery, you need laparoscopic surgery.”  I reached into my briefcase, pulled out my To Do List, and added schedule laparoscopic surgery.

My doctor found no reason to support my request for surgery, and was clearly irritated by my request, when out of my mouth we heard, “you need to check for endometriosis.”  The voice was confident, authoritative and caught us both by surprise.  I was even more shocked when his demeanor shifted from condescending to respectful and he scheduled the surgery.


Cutting to the chase, the voice on the train was guidance from the Angelic Realm and the wise voice in the doctor’s office was one of my first channelings from High Self.  Both led me to exploratory surgery that revealed Ovarian Cancer and saved my life.  That’s when my spiritual journey consciously began.


I started seeking.  I studied many healing modalities that opened me to my gifts and deepened my connection with Spirit. In 2001 I discovered Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) and, after years of training, became a Board Certified SRT and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Teacher and Consultant. Together with Spirit, I have used this powerful tool to complete tens of thousands of emotional clearings assisting people and animals, across the world, to live healthier, more joyful lives.  I am blessed and honored to have trained hundreds of practitioners who are now enjoying their own thriving practices helping others.


In 2008 I left my 25-year corporate career and golden handcuffs behind, and followed 3 visions that led my family and me to Sedona, Arizona.  I’m now dedicated full time to being of service to others and assisting them on their soul’s journey through life.


Carollo Consulting LLC

Session Phone - (973) 568-8252

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