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Testimonials - Online Classes

Other Testimonials: In-Person Classes

“Susan was a wonderful SRT teacher and was filled with valuable wisdom. Susan’s energy made you feel at ease, throughout the learning process. Susan was flexible with offering an online SRT format that allowed those with busy lives to attend. I left the training feel confident in my ability to use SRT to help others on their healing journey.”

Megan M., Grande Prairie, Canada 

"Susan is a gifted and warm teacher whose wisdom and kindness shines right through any online portal. I felt like she and the rest of the class were right in the room with me the whole weekend! Susan is such an expert in the SRT material and is exceptionally skilled at balancing varied learning styles, ensuring every student has a great experience and a solid grasp of the material, while illustrating points and practices with real-world stories. I highly recommend the SRT courses with Susan. She is a top-notch teacher, funny and warm, and you will walk away with confidence and clarity in the entire curriculum."

Katy May S., Portland, OR

"I thought the class with you was phenomenal… it gave me the tools to be able to do clearings for myself on a regular basis, even daily sometimes…definitely continue to offer classes so that others could benefit, especially people like myself that couldn’t travel easily. I think you are a gifted and fantastic teacher and I feel very blessed and grateful to have been able to take your classes."

Speranta C., Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for the gift of the SRT modality! I so appreciate your teachings. You deliver with grace and ease and I felt your loving presence every step of the way. I feel confident with my relationship with spirit and moving forth in the world with this new tool and I can’t wait to share it with others. What a gift! Thank you for making this class available online. So easy to show up in my own space at home and still be in direct relationship with you and the others in class. With much love and gratitude... "

Adair, Petaluma, CA

"It was a pleasure taking your class, I’m beyond grateful for being able to attend and learn from you. Excited about the Advanced course."

Amanda O., Cranberry Township, PA

"I wanted to thank you for such an engaging learning experience! You are a great teacher and mentor!  I’m grateful I took this class and can’t wait to continue in November so I can start helping others....” 

Tanya W., Las Vegas, NV

"I’m very grateful for your teaching style and presence and am so looking forward to the Advanced class. Never thought I could do channeling work like this so it blew my mind! In a really good way."

Merav S., Forest Hills, NY

“I feel so lucky to have just had the opportunity to take online advanced SRT training with Susan. The class was 3 days of information-packed, energized learning. Susan creates a supportive environment and she is attentive to every person in the class and every question that is asked. She is very thorough and made sure the class was appropriately paced so that everyone grasped and understood new concepts as we learned them.

 I really appreciated the chance to take the class online – it was easier on my budget and enabled me to keep up with daily obligations. Although we met remotely, our class made strong connections and I greatly value the support and perspectives everyone shared about their background and experiences.

I highly recommend ANY class or healing session with Susan and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to learn and grow with this wonderful healer.” 

Jen O., New York City, NY

"I was very happy to have the course online because I could not travel. The Advance course you offered on line was as powerful as the Basic one I took in person. You are so organized not wasting time and most of all you know and practice what you teach. You answered questions with knowledge and insight."

Mariette L., Ontario, Canada

“I am located on the East coast and was so happy to hear that Susan would be offering an online SRT class. Susan is a spiritual leader and a teacher who is not only knowledgeable but possesses the ability to share that knowledge in a way that makes it part of you, the student.  She guided and awakened me to the vast unexplored frontier that is the evolution of my soul."

Karen D., Manasquan, NJ

“It was an honor to have Susan as my teacher for both Basic and Advance SRT training.  She is a fountain of knowledge and her teaching is clear and direct, making it very easy to absorb the information. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to attended in an online classroom setting, as without it, SRT training would still be on my "to learn" list.” 

Kim B., British Columbia, Canada

"Learning SRT with Susan has been one of the most powerful, magical endeavors of my life.  I learned so much from her.  Her teaching style is clear, effective, direct and to the point. She presents information like no other, and makes it really comprehensible, relevant and tangible. 

I took both basic and advanced online with Susan and the Zoom format was perfect!  It’s allowed me to be present but in the comfort of my own home.  I had the opportunity to ask all of my questions, and get to know my classmates.  Susan created a very intimate learning atmosphere via Zoom.  I had all of my questions answered and came away feeling very confident about using SRT with my clients!  Best ever!"

Shaheen P., Claremont, CA

"Thank you so much! I’m really happy I was able to attend...It was amazing! Thank you for your clarity, patience and generosity. What a wonderful 3 days!"

Victoria S., Tucson, AZ

"Thank you so much Susan! This weekend was truly lifechanging for me as I have felt stuck in so many areas but now feel incredibly free and invigorated!   I am definitely going to sign up for the Advanced..."

Michele E., Alberta, Canada

"Dearest Susan, you and "yours" are spiritual rockstars! I'm eternally grateful to you for the opportunity to be your student, for your wonderful teaching style, and of course, to Robert, et al, for the amazing gift to us all. Many blessings..."

Marci B. Santa Fe, NM

"I highly recommend Susan Carollo's work as an energy healer/teacher. I just completed her Basic level course in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and experienced Susan as a true professional from start to finish. I leave the course uplifted and restored with far more knowledge than I had going in…I highly recommend this course and amazing healer/teacher to anyone who wants to explore a sophisticated energy healing method that raises their vibration and health level. After just 3 days in class I have proof that it works. Thank you Susan! Big blessings!"

Debra W., Dallas, Texas

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