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Testimonials - In-Person Classes

Other Testimonials: Online Classes

"I first met Susan when I attended her basic Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) class, held in her beautiful, welcoming home in New Jersey.  I only signed up for the class at the urging of a dear friend -- I had never even held a pendulum! The first hour with Susan was enough to bring forth in me the birth of a new passion to support my life's purpose of Teaching Love.  Susan's class was a turning point in my life, sending me on a path of service to others through SRT.

Susan is an incredible teacher -- she is focused and thorough, yet compassionate and sensitive to the needs of her students.  I announced on the second morning of class that it was the 10th anniversary of my mother's funeral, and that I still feel her presence.  Susan affirmed that my mom was with us -- a feeling of connection that has never faded for me.

Every communication that I have ever had with Susan has been a reaffirmation that she is an angel dedicated to supporting and nurturing all that come within her sphere of influence.  During a clearing that she did for me, she identified and cleared a source of numbing guilt that had been part of my soul's journey for far too long.  It has left me free to live from love instead of fear and guilt.  Susan is a Gift from the Divine!"

Ginny L., Springfield, VA

"Susan Carollo is absolutely in the top ranks of best teachers I have ever learned with. Her communication skills are very effective making it easy to absorb and retain the information she is bringing forth. She is the perfect combination of being both very grounded and practical in her approach as well as elevated in the clearest frequencies of spirit coming through. I just love learning with her. These abilities, I feel, enable her to reach a large spectrum of individuals and personalities with ease and grace. She is also very humble, with as far as I can see, no unhealthy ego at all. I am so grateful to have been able to study with her. "

Luannah L., Galiano Island

“Wow! Training was unbelievable!  You are inspirational and such a spiritual joy. There does seem to be a vibrational shift occurring in me, and I feel as if life ahead on my journey will take me to much higher places as well as purpose, and the best part is, I can't wait to help others.  I feel lighter, and have a bit more clarity on life's pesky interruptions that have been haunting me over the past several years.  Thank you for opening your home up to us and giving of your spirit.   The class was more than I had ever expected and you are an amazing teacher and leader, I am still in awe of the light & love that surrounds you, my goal is to continue on this path and become the great spiritual leader that you are.  I also, feel so fortunate to have met wonderful people at the class.  I feel that these people were there with me for a definite reason.  I can't wait for the other classes!  SRT is some pretty powerful stuff!  I am grateful to have this as part of who a I am now. :) "

Joy E., Cave Creek, AZ

"I was first a client then a student of Susan's. As an SRT practitioner, Susan is thorough, compassionate, and out of judgment.  She explains the process and works quickly so no time or money is wasted. With the phenomenal healing I received from SRT, I decided to take her training. Susan is fabulous!  She combines extensive knowledge with fun and laughter, along with gentle suggestions for personal healing.  She is obviously knowledgeable about the many facets of the training, full of ideas and experiences from her many clients.


As a practitioner of many other healing modalities, I found this training to be excellent, and so is Susan.  She has my highest regard and admiration.  She has obviously continued with her personal healing journey and brings not only her personal experiences into this work for additional understanding, but thoroughly understands the workbook and the work. I admire Susan's teaching and give her the highest recommendation I can.  This was just the best training, and Susan is the best.  Bless her!"

Bobbi T., RNMA, Aurora, CO

"It was an honor to have you as a teacher.  The energy and love that you extended to us helped us to raise our own vibrations and energy and created a perfect learning environment for embracing SRT and making it our way of life.  Your talent and ability as a teacher made the whole journey one of peace and allowed us the freedom to ask all the questions we needed to ask about the material and our own personal journeys with SRT."

Paula M., Arden, NC

"Because of the enormous impact that Susan's work had on my son, I decided to pursue SRT for myself and eventually to learn how to use SRT.  I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Susan - she is extremely well grounded, intuitive, clear, professional and always compassionate.  I trust her implicitly both as a healer and a teacher."

Judy B., Montclair, NJ 

"You are a fabulous teacher; I really enjoyed the class and came away with a solid foundation and confidence to want to learn to do SRT.  I also learned about and cleared a great deal on myself during the class! Thank you!"

Marilyn D., Nutley, NJ

"Belated but incredibly heartfelt thanks for one of the most profound and inspiring weeks yet. Oh my, you aren’t just another pretty face! I continue to ponder and process and savour all that our shared time offered...thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Vicki W., Jasper, Canada

“Susan is an amazing instructor. She has the ability to put things into concept, super generous with sharing knowledge and makes them easy to understand. She has the patience, compassion and that thing that makes you feel you belong. With both SRT & SpR, Susan was not only the facilitator, she also made sure before, during and after the course that we are taken care of from A to Z.”

Kisma, Vancouver, Canada

"I have taken SRT and SpR with Susan Carollo and fortunate to be the hostess for classes at BearPaw Ranch.  I completed SpR in July 2019, I absolutely love this healing modality, I have seen miraculous results with clients and family. 


Susan has such extensive knowledge of SpR and teaches with creative and intuitive methods – has the class engaged, motivated and excited to experience this healing practice.  The wisdom she has acquired through many years of experience has helped her to teach us each day with love and support, providing feedback and instruction when needed.  I felt ready and confident to provide sessions for friends, family and clients after we had finished the course.  I also know Susan is available when questions arise – this community is remarkable.  Meditations had been transforming & I felt safe to express feelings and emotions coming through with the group.  Our group felt like a family for 6 days, classes flew by and I was sad to see everyone leave. I will continue my training with Susan and would recommend her to anyone that is interested in SRT or SpR sessions and or classes."

Laurie S., Cynthia, Canada

"I though the Spiritual Restructuring class was well paced and enjoyable. The atmosphere it was taught in was perfect and so beautiful!  Being in nature made it all the more spiritual.  The group was a perfect mixture of like-minded healers and I enjoyed spending the week working with all of them!  You are the best teacher!"

Deborah W., Livermore, CA

"Your class was magical to say the least!  I can’t say enough good things about it! You are such an amazing instructor, you have a great gift and I am honored that you shared your knowledge with me. Your demonstrations were great!"

Christina R., San Diego, CA

"The SpR course taught by Susan was one of the most fulfilling courses that I have ever taken. Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to the table while creating a pleasant learning atmosphere. She delivered the material in a simplified way making it easy to digest and retain. Susan remained patient and supportive while guiding us through the 6-day course.


Susan is one of the most kind, compassionate, loving souls that I have ever met and it was such a blessing to be in the presence of her divine energy. I highly recommend taking SRT and SpR with her. She is the best teacher you can find. I really didn't want the course to end and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her! Thank you for everything! "

Nicole S., East Brunswick, NJ

“I am so blessed to have been introduced to Susan over 7 years ago. I had several sessions that allowed me to easily let go and soften the edges of me. I have taken basic SRT, advanced SRT, and SPR classes from Susan. She is a kind, loving, compassionate, approachable teacher with clear outlines and manageable goals. We are taught theory with plenty of time for hands on practice. She is gifted with her ability to connect to each student (each one of us feels like her favorite) while maintaining a high professional standard of instruction. All the time is used for learning. The best part of completing a class is that we each receive the benefit of several sessions and leave confident in the knowledge and know how


I travelled to Bali with Susan on a Bali Soul Adventure 2019. It was a magical  experience of temples, sacred rituals and ceremonies. Susan not only navigated our group with Ratih to cultural experiences and healings but also did group clearing sessions. With her magic wand we were all able to fully receive all the gifts that Bali, the temples, and the healers had to offer. I highly recommend any sacred travel with Susan!"

Michelle C., Grimshaw, Canada

"I want to thank you so much for the wonderful class on SpR... The experience was over and beyond anything I could have imagined... Without a doubt, it was a life changing experience.  Your soft and kind guidance made the practice extraordinary.  Aside from the profound knowledge you shared with us; I’ll be forever grateful for the tools you gave us. You allowed us to discover, individually, how to connect with a client and how to build a caring and respectful relationship when working with that person. There’s not enough I could say about your ability as a teacher and as a human being. Once again, thank you deeply for the wonderful and memorable training course. I’ve recruited a group of 8 friends and family for the alignments…some fascinating results have come up. I’m still at awe on the results. You are a great teacher, without a doubt. Blessings and apapacho!!"

Carmen, Ottawa, Canada

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is truly magical. It's a healing retreat with learning wonderful skills as the bonus. I am forever changed from the experience. SpR allows you to go to a deeper level of healing the body by removing the psychic wounds that are embedded deep in the DNA and cell memory. It's transformational and I am honored to have taken the course with Susan. She is a gifted teacher with an incredible wealth of knowledge, wisdom and patience. Susan uses these gifts to discern when to have compassion for her students, when to challenge them and when to hold space to allow healing and growth to unfold. I feel very blessed to have taken SpR with her. With deep gratitude..."

Tanya M., St. Albert, Alberta, Canada 

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