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Individual Coaching/Mentoring Appointments
Individual Coaching/Mentoring 

After finishing your SRT training you have all the tools to facilitate a complete SRT clearing.  In fact, you’re considered an Advanced SRT practitioner and you can begin working with the public.  Most of you have questions and want to fine-tune your skills to more confidently make the transition from student to practitioner.  This is your opportunity to deepen your understanding of the class materials and ask questions that you didn’t have until you began practicing.  I can share short cuts and strategies, check your work, help you clear and launch your practice, whatever you’d like to do with your time.  

If you are also looking for group support from your peers, consider joining the free Monthly Student Forums online.

By Phone:​
  • Coaching Appointment By Phone, 30 Minutes, $107 USD
  • Coaching Appointment By Phone, 60 Minutes, $215 USD
Packages (Buy first, then schedule sessions):​
  • 3 Hours (180 Minutes) of Coaching Appts, $612.75 USD (Save 5%)
  • 6 Hours (360 Minutes) of Coaching Appts,  $1,161 USD (Save 10%)

Session Cancellation Policy

If you cancel or change your appointment more than 48 hours in advance, there is no penalty and your session fee is refundable if desired. You can do all of these steps through the online scheduler.

If you cancel or change your appointment less than 48 hours in advance or are a no-show, your session fee is forfeited. No changes are permitted less than 48 hours in advance so you'll need to cancel your session and then purchase a new session in order to make any changes.

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